• Eyebrows  $20

  • Upper Lip $15

  • Chin & Neck $25

  • Full Face, Neck & Eyebrows $45

  • Chest & Stomach $75
  • Full Back, Neck and Shoulders $75

  • Arms $45

  • Under Arms $20
  • Full Legs $120 Price is adjusted after your first time when coming back for next appointment 

  • Half Legs $65
  • Bikini $45

  • Brazilian $100

  • After your first Brazilian if you come in every two weeks it’s $40, three weeks $60, eight weeks $80. If you go and order the “full circle kit” you will save 10% on your product using code “LoveMySkin” and then save 15% on your Brazilian .


  • Eye lash tint  $20
  • Eye brow tint  $25 (includes hair removal)
  • Eye/Lash combo  $40



6 thoughts on “Services

  1. M'Shel says:

    Your pores can bleed if the hairs are thick. But if you are using a wax product it will remove skin, which is not good. Plus if you are pulling hairs out in their unnatural direction that will make you bleed. I do sugaring so it doesn’t remove skin, just exfoliates the dead off.


  2. M'Shel says:

    I do have memberships. $95 for 2 Brazilians, plus another service (eyebrows, under arms, upper lip, chin)
    But I do only the sugaring. It is better for your skin than hard wax,


  3. M'Shel says:

    It’s $95 for 2 Brazilians and one other service. Auto draft on the 5th of each month. It’s a 3 month contact and then month to month after that. Cancel with a 30 day notice.


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